Richard Chamberlain came out as Gay at the age of 55 in 2003

Richard Chamberlain

Quick Facts of Richard Chamberlain

Today’s article is about the legendary and respected personality, Richard Chamberlain. He is an actor and singer who has numerous fans and followers. Likewise, he is better recognizes as an award winner fabled actor all over the Hollywood Industry in the USA. Since, 1985, Richard is actively involved in the entertainment line. From this sector, he not only gains enough prominence but is also earning a good fortune and is living lavishly.

This heroic celebrity is successful and delightful in his professional life. Then what about his intimate details? Is he as happy as his vocation? So, you have to read the whole article to know about it.

Early Life Details

Born in Beverly Hills, California, the United States of America on 31st, March 1934, Richard is the second child of Charles Axiom Chamberlain (father) and Elsa Winnifred Matthews (mother). His birth name is George Richard Chamberlain. Richard grew up in Beverly Hills along with his brother, William Hayes Chamberlaine. 

Childhood image of Richard Chamberlain
Childhood image of Richard Chamberlain Source: Instagram @richard_chamberlain

Richard Chamberlain graduated from Beverly Hills High School in 1952. Then he enrolled in Pomona College to get his bachelor’s degree in arts. After the completion of the studied he worked for more than months as a company clerk in Korea.

At last the Richard decided to pursue his career in acting. Then he starts taking acting classes and officially involves in the acting field in 1958 since then he has acted in many movies and TV shows.

Current Relationship Status

The 85-years-old, American actor, Richard might be living a single life as of 2019. After a tragic breakup with his past love partners, Richard has kept himself far away from romantic life. He might be busy building his career. Or might be searching a perfect one to spend the rest of his life happily.

Chamberlain is outed as a gay man when he was at the age of 55 in 2003. So, as of now, he is strongly supporting the LGBT team. So, this can also be the reason behind his singleness.

Gay Rumors Proved

In today’s era too, bisexual people are taken as the problems of society. So, those people did not want to reveal their sexuality openly because they are scared of society. The same thing happened to the actor, Richard, he was surrounded by gay rumors but he did not keep it secret as others do.

Richard Chamberlain in his adulthood
Richard Chamberlain in his adulthood Source:

Richard openly claims himself as a bisexual. Further, he married the same gender person, not only once but twice in his life. At first, he shares his romantic life with the American actor Wesley Eure. The duo love life was running smoothly between the time period of 1975-1976. However, the duo decided to live separately.

After the split-up with Wesley, Richard tied the knot with another guy named, Martin Rabbett in the year 1997. At first, the gay couple met one another on the set of a movie in 1984 and began dating. Martin was 19, years younger than Richard when he shares his vows with him. Likewise, Rabett used to serve as Richard’s manager.

Richard Chamberlain with his ex-partner, Martin Rabbett
Richard Chamberlain with his ex-partner, Martin Rabbett Source: Pinterest

Rabbett and Chamberlain also shared a Hawaiian dream home. They were living happily enjoying one another’s company. But the pair parted after being in a relationship for more than 33 years.

Net Worth

The award-winning actor, Richard has an estimated net worth of $20 million as of 2019 which he has obtained throughout his acting career. Richard is active in the film industry since 1958, and in his decade long acting career he featured in many filmographies. Some of the movies and TV shows he has a role are listed below.

Movies/TV ShowsReleased DateRoleCast MembersProduction BudgetBox office Collection
The Last Wave (Movie)1977David Burton

Ingrid Weir, and

Hedley Cullen among others

The Bourne Identity (TV Film)1988Jason Bourne/David WebbMatt Damon,

$60 million$214 million
The Count of Monte Cristo1975Edmond Dantes

Patrick Godfrey,

Aliaz Moufid, and

Barry Cassin among others

$35 million$75.4 million

From the movies mentioned above, he not only gain an impressive sum of wealth but is also earning enough prominence. As per the sources, an avearge salary of an actor in the USA is $56,423 per year. So, Richard might be earning the same remuneration annually. 

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