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Sizo Baby Sling

Sizo Baby Sling

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Comfortable, adjustable design for parent and baby. 👶
Supports multiple carrying positions for versatility. 🤗
Made with soft, breathable, and durable materials. 🌟
Easy to use, making it perfect for busy parents. 🙌
Stylish colours and patterns to suit your taste. 😍


"5 seconds, enough for picking up and down"


"It saved my back and shoulder with my clingy baby"


"Love that it's so compact folded"


"Convenient and space-saving with traveling"


"Highly recommend to all mums and dads"


Say GOODBYE To Uncomfortable and Bulky Baby Carriers

Are you missing confidence in your style due to those unpleasant BULKY baby carriers?

After hearing so many parents complain - we've finally launched the perfect solution!

☑️ Toddler sling that fits right in your bag
☑️ Ideal for babies up to 48 months old
☑️ Supports up to 44lbs or 20kgs
☑️ Designed to Support Your Back & Your Baby
☑️ Wearable for the broader daddies too!
☑️ Spacious Pockets with Dual Protection Safety Clips

Designed To Mimic Mommy's Arm Cuddles 

☑️  Designed to Mimic the mommy hug
☑️  Shape of the pillow brings the snug touch
☑️ Distributes baby's weight evenly & avoids Backpain for Parents

☑️  Recommended by doctors and Loved by moms

Why Sizo Baby Sling?

☑️ First-Ever Sling-style Hip Seat & Carrier
☑️ Ergonomic, Super Compact & Space Saving
☑️ Healthy Hip Development for Your Baby

☑️ Adjustable Sling Provides Perfect Angle To Avoid Arm Fatigue 

When Do You Need Our Baby Sling? QUITE OFTEN!

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