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Sizo PediLux

Sizo PediLux

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Your Ultimate Home Foot Care Companion👣🥰

Take your foot care routine to the next level with PediLux, the ultimate solution for achieving smooth and beautiful feet right in the comfort of your own home.

Your Ultimate Home Foot Care Companion👣🥰

Designed with your convenience and efficiency in mind, PediLux features an array of innovative features that will transform your foot care experience.

Adjustable speeds
The grinder has variable speeds to adjust the intensity of the grinding according to the individual's needs.

Multiple grinding heads
The grinder comes with different grinding heads suitable for different types of calluses and foot areas.

Ergonomic design
PediLux has a comfortable grip that makes it easy to hold while in use. The shape and weight of the device make it easy to maneuver around the entire foot. 

LED light
It has a built-in led light to illuminate the grinding area and improve visibility. It also comes with a  dust collection system that traps the skin particles and prevents them from scattering around.

Easy to clean
Easy to dissemble and clean to prevent the buildup of bacteria and germs. The grinder is lightweight and easy to carry, making it convenient for travel. 

Home Foot Care At Your Fingertips💅✨

Experience the remarkable benefits of PediLux as it effortlessly removes foot skin, dead skin, scabs, hard skin, and cuticles, leaving your feet incredibly smooth and rejuvenated.

Say goodbye to rough and unsightly feet, and hello to the confidence that comes with having beautiful, well-cared-for feet.


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