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Revolutionizing exfoliation experience right at your fingertips 

ILLUMINATE Sizo Gloves can easily transform your shower or bath into a luxurious spa-like experience

💆‍♂️Introducing the 🧤 Exfoliating Gloves! 🌟✨

🌟Gentle exfoliation for radiant skin. 🧤✨

🌿Soothing, invigorating spa experience. 🏡🧖‍♀️

 💦Effective texture for refreshed skin. 🔥🛀

💪Secure and comfortable fit. 💆‍♀️🌎

 ✅Cost-effective spa-like results.💰

Indulge in the luxurious sensation of exfoliation with these 🧤 Exfoliating Gloves! 🌟✨ Embrace healthier-looking skin and unleash your natural radiance. 💖🌟

Double-Layered Exfoliating Glove - Pack of 2

 Say goodbye to breakouts, dullness, and ingrown hair with exfoliating gloves that reveal fresh, healthy skin and prevent tan build-ups and breakouts.


The Only Original Turkish Linen Exfoliation Glove
Gloves In India  

Receive The Most Trusted Product If You Buy From Sizo
Beware of other websites selling duplicate products using our images and description,
ILLUMINATE Sizo Gloves are only available on - Sizo® is a Registered Trademark

Benefits of the Gloves

 Tan Removal

Gives your skin a brilliant glow and Unclogs your pores

Fight the sign of aging and Improve blood flow

Is exfoliation necessary


Goodbye, rough skin.

ILLUMINATE Sizo Gloves have no side effects and are suitable for all skin types. Usage leads to glowing and smooth skin in the end.

"Goodbye closed pores"

"A feeling so relaxing it just can't be described in words. It saves the unnecessarily long hours at the salon ..." 

"love it"

"Daily usage has made my skin unrecognizable to me. I'm just lovin' it..."

"Skin changer"

"Having too much to cover and traveling all day leaves your skin tired and fatigued with unimaginable dead skin and dirt. One swipe and all gone..."


When to avoid using exfoliating gloves?

Sensitive skin

🧴Caution: Gentle use for sensitive, acne-prone skin.🙈

Acne-prone skin 

🧑‍🔬Caution: Excessive exfoliation can harm the skin.🧑‍🔬
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