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Adivasi Neelgiri Herbal Hair Oil 125ML (Pack of 2)

Adivasi Neelgiri Herbal Hair Oil 125ML (Pack of 2)

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Instant Recovery From Hairfall And See Amazing Hair Growth

Sizo herbal ayurvedic heals bad scalp and activates roots to better perform in the creation and filling of hair follicles.

🌿 Natural and Herbal Ingredients:
- 🌱 Organic, herbal, natural ingredients

💆‍♀️ Hair Nourishment:
- 💪 Nourishes, revitalizes, strengthens hair

🧪 Ayurvedic Formulation:
- 🌼 Ayurvedic, scalp-friendly, traditional formulation

✨ Multipurpose Benefits:
- 🎯 Versatile, beneficial for various concerns

👐 Easy Application:
- 🙌 Convenient, user-friendly, easy to apply



Adivasi Vidya Herbal Hair Oil Is Basically Made By Pure Adivasi Ayurvedic Herbs, Which Effectively Prevents Hair fall and Helps To Grow Long Hairs With No Side Effects. USE 6 MONTHS FOR BETTER RESULT: Used To Make Your Hair Strong, To Control Dandruff And New Hair Regrowth. Apply The Oil Half An Hour Before Bath, Twice a week. Grows  Healthy Long Hair. Also Used For Bald Head


 100% Ayurvedic
 ISO and GMP Certified
 Reverses hair loss
 Grows hair super-fast
 Gives hair more volume
 Increases hair thickness and strength
 Regrows thinning edges
 Cures dandruff
 Gives hair better texture and body
 Softens and detangles hair
 No side effects

Contents : Bhrungamalaka, kala,samala

Apply Thoroughly & Deeply:
- Thorough & deep application

Leave Overnight for Good Results:
- Overnight application for best results

Use At Least 3 Days:
- Minimum 3-day usage

Better Results:
- Improved outcomes

Packaging Plastic Bottle:
- Plastic bottle packaging

Multi Concern:
- Multi-concern formulation

Hair Growth, Normal:
- Promotes growth, normalizes hair

Anti Dandruff, Anti Hair Fall:
- Fights dandruff, reduces hair fall

Damage Repair, Black Hair:
- Repairs damage, enhances black hair

Type: Almond, Brahmi, Jasmine, Coconut, Amla:
- Almond, Brahmi, Jasmine, Coconut, Amla types

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